Barrett Jackson Gathering of the Classic Cougar Community!

You’re Invited!

The 2012 Barrett Jackson Gathering of the Classic Cougar Community!
Barrett Jackson gathering of the Cougar faithful…

It’s just around the corner! And you are all invited!

7th Annual 2012 Barrett / Jackson Cougar Reunion!!!

Brought to you by the Arizona Cougar Club, ClassicCougarCommunity.Com, and Bill & Debbie Basore.

It’s time! Better mark your calendar for a little beer drinking and story telling! We will be starting at 3:00 again this year so bring your Cougar if you can!

We will have snacks and beverages, and you can come and go as you like. You don’t need to worry about bringing anything, but feel free to bring your favorite beverage or snack if you like.

If you are coming, please respond to this thread or send me a PM.

NOTE! Google and Map quest will both try to send you through streets that are closed! Use the following directions.

I live in Fountain Hills, about 14 miles / 20 minutes from the auction site.

From the auction:

Take Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. South to Shea,

At Shea, turn Left (East) and continue until you reach Saguaro Blvd (approximately 7 miles: are we there yet?).

At Saguaro, turn Right (South) and continue for 1 Mile to Red Mountain Trail (to your left only).

Turn left at Red Mountain Trail. Red Mountain Trail is a culdusac, and I live at the top left.

From the South Take Gilbert or Country Club north to Highway 87, Exit Left at Shea and take take a left at the first light, Saguaro. Follow Saguaro to Red Mountain Trail on the left.

From the West, take I10 / Loop 202 east to Country Club. At the exit turn left on to Country Club, which turns into Highway 87. Follow 87 North approximately 12 miles to Shea on your left. Exit Left at Shea and take take a left at the first light, Saguaro. Follow Saguaro to Red Mountain Trail on the left.

What: Barrett/Jackson Cougar Reunion at Bill Basore’s Home
When: Jan. 21st, 2012 – Saturday night
Time: 3pm to 10pm
Where: 16147 East Red Mountain Trail, Fountain Hills , Arizona , 85268
Phone: 480 656 6780

Hard to believe that this will be the 7th annual.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new folks.

I will be there with my car. I will be moving that week so it will be nice to relax and talk cars.

Missed this last year whereas we had to leave on Saturday. Looks like to me we will be going right by on Saturday afternoon so hope to stop by for howdy at least. We are staying only about 7 mile s away in Ft McDowell.

You will drive right through Fountain Hills to get to the auction. Just turn left at the first light you come to on Shea.

Hmmm… I might actually get to pull this one off this year. Have to check the work schedule, and my son’s “livestock schedules”.

And beg the wife.

I’ve got it! If I get on my knees and PROMISE to stay away from Cabela’s; she might let me go! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Yeah that sounds familiar!

Flights and hotel booked. Calendar updated. 5 degrees and Sunny in Duluth today… Wheeeee!

P.S. Bill - can you have your GTE waiting at the airport? I think the rental car place says I can pick any car on the lot…

Anyone driving up from Tucson for this wing-ding? Maybe I could catch a ride up?

Mr Eos, there is a special non refundable deposit required. I can supply the account number you supply the funds… LOL! We did have a guy drive his GT-E to the party one year… from Texas. Glad to hear that you are coming. I think that you will find the garage much improved from the last visit… (I think that was the first party ever when the garage was still under construction…)

This event is on my bucket list…“make it to BJGCC IN my Cougar”…not this year, though!

(When I DO make it, Bill, I’ll bring the rest of the a/c components for you!) LOL


I plan on attending the bash at your house.

It won’t be long now…

The AZCC is participating in a pre auction cruise on Saturday before the event. Should be fun.

I leave for CES in the early AM and then I have to get ready for the party.


My Buddy Mike and I will be there…looking forward to seeing everybody again! Was that a year ago already?

I’m gettin’ old, apparently :wink:

Bill, I wish I could make it but I haven’t flown in years. The last time I flew the pilot missed the runway. No we didn’t crash but he had to stand that plane straight up to avoid the tree line. Man, you talk about soggy underwear.Lololo.
I was hoping to send Joe your way(owner of the xr7S,the Gurney G car and many others)but he’s not going this year either, I just got off the phone with him. I’m supposed to have lunch with him next week, so while you guy’s are having a party, I’ll be having a cougar history lesson. (I hope)

Holy Crap! Literally!

You are excused sir. They would have had to pry me out of the seat after that…

I hope you will share what you learn with us!

If I learn anything exciting I will share it, unless he wants me to keep it confidential. I have a bad case of CRS so I should start writing stuff down, but sometimes you just can’t keep up with him regardless. Just as a little tease we all know Jim P. has the first production cougar. But I think he might also have the real cougar #1, I’ll have to ask him for sure but I’m pretty sure that’s what he said, a couple of other people present there believe he said the same thing. I believe it’s stored in a 406 area code.

Hey Jeff,

So I take it you will be in Tucson this week? We have a AZCC member, Dennis O. who lives in Tucson and frequently drives up to Phoenix to attend the club events.
I just sent him an email to see if he is planning on attending the Basore Bash. If he is,I can ask him if you could catch a ride…

Roy is not driving up this year?