Bracket Identify

Can anybody help me identify this Shock Bracket. It is stamped “MUS” and “L”, I assume Mustang LH, but would appreciate any help, I think its a staggered?

Mustang, will not fit a Cougar, due to the use of the isoclamps on the rear leaf springs.

1971-73 Mustang with staggered shocks …

Okay, I think this is 1971-1973 non-staggered shock plate for LH side. The square (ish) profile near the shock hole shows it is not the more common rounded end, style seen on the 67-70 style. its also not the correct “Hand” for staggered shocks? Anybody else care to weigh in?.

The shock that is staggered is the LH side. I think Scott nailed it.

All of the Staggered Shock Plate on Ebay that i have seen for example have the Shock Hole on the opposite side for both RH and LH (Same bracket both sides for staggered?) This one is the wrong “Hand” it seems…??? What am I missing
Sock Plate.jpg