Brake Lights

Sorry if this is an easily found topic for some; however, I am unable to track it down. I have no brake lights! I have turn signals, headlight/running lights, just no brake lights! From what I understand, there is no fuse on the panel for brake lights., so I am hoping that someone knows a go-to option of where the problem may be.

I installed LED bulbs from WCCC about a year ago, and since then, the turn indicators on the dash have slowly stopped working (stopped blinking, now there are none). Also, if I move the steering wheel out of any other position other than where it is now, the turn signals won’t work properly and/or the running lights will not light all bulbs. Not sure if these are relative issues…just bringing that to the topic.

This is a 1968 XR7

sounds like it is almost for sure the turn signal switch. not a super difficult job but does take a little time. I just had the same symptoms and though it was the switch but mine was a loose wire in the wiring harness connector.


I suggest you check the brake light switch to see if you are getting power to the switch and then see if the contacts are closing when you press the brake pedal. Do your hazards work? Although the 68 electrical diagram does not show it, there is a circuit breaker CB-2 that powers both the hazards and the brake light switch. If your hazards do not work, then circuit breaker is your problem.

Here is an excerpt from my post on the other forum

  1. Disconnect the wires at the stop light switch (underneath the steering column)
  2. Check for voltage on the green and red striped wire. If there is no power on this wire, then check CB-2 to see if it has died.
  3. If you have power at this wire, then check for continuity thru the stop light switch by placing and ohm meter probe into the switch leads as you press the brake pedal.
  4. If there is continuity then move to the rear of the car and check your ground leads on the lights to make sure that they are clean. ( Since your signals and tail lights function, your ground is probably good)
  5. Check for continuity of the wire from the taillight to the brake switch. If there is no continuity, then you will need to chase down the wire as your wire has a short or a break in the wire.
  6. If everything checks out to here, then you are down to replacing the bulb or replacing the bulb housing.

But my guess is that your brake light switch is probably dead or the wires connecting to the switch are corroded.

To remove brake light switch do the following:

  1. Disconnect the wiring block at the switch
  2. Remove the hairpin retainer
  3. Push the rod, nylon washer and bushing away from the pedal
  4. You should now be able to remove the switch

Good luck and let me know if you need any more information.

Wow that’s an awesome breakdown! I haven’t tried the hazards yet…going to do that right now!

If it’s not the brake light switch I still think it’s the turn signal switch. the brake lights go through it after the brake light switch. The other symptoms you have sound like the turn signal switch isn’t in the best shape even if it’s not your brake light problem.

So I replaced the brake light switch and I have lights now!! Apparently the last shop that was working on the brakes installed the switch meant for manual brakes, just flipped the switch over and forced it to work. Now with the proper switch, the fitment is much better and the brakes are working appropriately. Only caviat to it, is the bushing on the driver side will not fit into the closed hole on the switch. A little strange since it fits the pedal pin nice and snug, but it is too big to go into the switch hole. I removed it and the switch works still, but makes a slight clunk noise when pressing the brake pedal. Not really that noticeable…