Brakes: rebuilt power booster and master

Ok , happy people! This is in regards to the Vert! I’ve read most post regarding power brake booster and masters. I don’t feel comfortable sticking a screwdriver in new master to bench bleed. 2). Don’t like/want pull plunger/rod out of newly rebuilt brake power booster just to bench bleed master ( is it ok to remove rod to bleed master? I don’t know). My question is … how much more difficult is it to plunge master and entire brake system?

Perhaps open back (furthest) lines… gravity bleed those lines? Then front two (2)? Just asking? I’d rather spend a few more moments bleeding entire system then sticking a screwdriver in new master (possibly damaging it) and/or pulling rod out of newly rebuilt power booster.

Am I being too. Scary ?

You need to bench bleed the master cylinder before installing it. You can use whatever you want from a screwdriver to a piece of 1/4” wooden dowel. You are pushing against the cylinder and a screwdriver won’t hurt nor will a piece of dowel.

:+1:t5: Thank you sir !!