Caliper preference

Which do you prefer, the four piston KH style or the later (68-69) single piston caliper? I’m wanting to convert my 68 to front disc with bolt-on pieces.

I like the idea of using the KH, using my existing spindles. However, the single piston setup seems like it would be cheaper .


Single piston calipers, with 1970-newer spindles.
1970 and up spindles are more substantial, and the rotors use larger bearings.

I like to use the 4-piston KH calipers. The brake pads are easier to change at the track (2 small bolts per side) and
are symmetrical so they can be swapped inner/outer to compensate for uneven wear. The pistons offer more surface
area for a better mechanical leverage ratio. More aftermarket pads are available because they were used on the Shelby Mustangs.
They are mounted on the front of the spindle which provides better cooling and they will bolt onto the larger 1970 drum brake spindles.

Vic, if not a racer would the change be worth while on a 69 to switch to the KH?
If you dont mind I had planned all along to ask some advice from you when I really get going next round on my 69 vert.
Old Woody

If you already have disc brakes, I don’t think it’s worth the effort to
change over. The '68 & up rotors are slightly thicker, so they will be
a little more heat resistant. It’s an easier conversion if you don’t already
have disc brakes because you can reuse the original spindles.

My preference is the Granada conversion, easily and reasonably available from

I really like my late model Cobra front and rear setup using Street or Track bracket kit. Requires larger (17") wheels but pretty reasonable to do the swap, I spent about $1200 for everything front and rear using new replacement rotors.