Do you suppose these are the regular ACC carpets or something else?

Seems like a really good price for replacement carpets if you need one.

$127.50 seems like a good price. I wonder how they are on quality? I see they offer loop and nylon carpet options.

The listings seem to indicate that they are ACC carpets. I plan on ordering a couple from them at that price. I’ll update you when I get them.

Can you guys educate me on the difference between Loop and Nylon carpets? Also, they only list Nylon for the '70 cougar. What would be “correct”?

Also, what about the “mass backing”? I don’t really know what that is either…

Mike here is a picture showing the difference between the two types of carpet. As for what is correct for the 1970, I’m not sure.

Thanks Steven! After seeing your example pics I think my old carpet looks more like the loop style than the cut nylon.

I sent them an email wanting to know who the manufacturer of their carpet is. I wasn’t quite ready to order but I might go ahead and get some.

This was their response.


Our manufacturer is Auto Custom Carpets ACC.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Thank you,

OC Auto Carpets

Price is a little deceptive but still seems good. Mass backed (which our cars came with and I assume most would still want today) is $49.99 more, $155.49 for my car. I paid considerably less for mine when I bought it but that is going back a number of years now.

Think I bought mine through MU, but on Ebay their price was the best at the time.

Have you guys shopped it on eBay and/or Amazon as well? Those are my comparsion shop stops these days (along with a good interwebz search).

Mike, mass backing is an extra 5/8" of heavy padding under the carpet and almost 30lbs of sound deadening material. John

ACC website price $356.44 plus shipping $192.95 plus shipping
MU $214.95 plus shipping
WCCC $242.87 plus shipping

That’s as far as I got before I got bored. $182.49 is the best price out of these. Couldn’t find it on fleabay or the river.