Cars and Parts

Sometimes, things in life change.


  1. 69 Sport Special, tu-tone blue with white painted roof. White std interior. a/c p/s p/b. Not many miles since restored. Placed 2nd at the '11 Cougar Nationals. $10000

  2. 70 XR-7 white, blue interior, 460 with a C-6. Car needs restoration, but does run. Comes with clean rolling shell. $3500

  3. 70 XR-7 conv M code, FMX, a/c, p/s, p/b, p/w. Deep gold Metallic, black top, ginger interior. Runs with some work, need restoration. $2500

  4. 69 XR-7 390 C-6 a/c, p/s, p/b, p/w. Light ivy metallic, black vinyl top, black interior. Needs restoration. $2000

  5. Yes for those that might know me, you may have been wondering if this was to follow. Well, yes. 69 Eliminator. Lowest vin of all Eliminators made. Needs everything, but there’s only one first. Sunroof, 351, FMX. Comp Orange, white decore. $4000

Lots of various parts. If I think one of the cars above could use the part, it will go with the car. Not sure what will be left over.

Sometimes they don’t.

Pics are worth a thousond words…Also Location.

9F91H581221, I hope you will elaborate a bit on why you are liquidating so many cars. While we don’t really know each other, we have a common interest, and so I’m concerned / curious.

I was looking at buying a 69 Camaro.

Cool cool! My folks are “Camaro people”, so I won’t hold it against you :slight_smile:

But, I was also looking at a VW Passat.

I would be interested in most of these, Can you email me back? And what state are they in?

They are in the state of disrepair.

Wait a minute, it’s not the beginning of April.

Did you leave your computer unattended while still logged in when the wife was near by?

No, but that would be a good excuse.

never thought you’d part with the 460.

Yeah, I still think that way. However, If I had to choose only to keep a four cars. It would be the 58 Parklane, 69 Eliminator, 68 Monterey convertible, 70 XR-7 conv. i would have to be in really bad shape to get to that point though. The idea of this thread was to be an April fools joke that might work better because it isn’t April. I would say the joke worked o-k because it did make my phone ring.

You scared me there Mark. I was about to grab a coupla the fellas, come out there & have an intervention.

Whew…an April Fools joke…that is something another guy named Mark might try to pull…

No intervention needed, I am still on the quest for more space to keep everything I have inside. The garage I’d like is a ways off though…unless I win the lottery.

WHAT?!? You mean there’s no chance to at least possibly maybe buy the first Eliminator?
Man… now I’m bummed :frowning:



.> …I still want some pictures of it though. To help sooth the pain of my dashed hopes :slight_smile:

No, really. Send or post some pics.

…eh, I haven’t seen more than one end of the car is about a decade. It quietly lives in an enclosed car trailer.
The 69 S code lives underneath the 58 Parklane.
The 70 XR-7 convert lives underneath the 68 Monterey convert.
I might be able to find some pics of those.

These are in the other side of my shop. yes, it is a mess. Some things have been cleaned up while more things have been piled in. I simply need more space.


Remember Carlin’s quote re: more space … :bandit:

You will have to excuse me, but I am slightly confused at the moment.

Do you have any cougars for sale at the moment?
What year and price with condition please.
I am looking for another cat, early years, not too expensive so I can drive it around town.

Thank you