Good Morning All,

Had a good turnout at the Woodward Dream Show in Pontiac Michigan. My take on this first inaugural Dream Show would earn them a B+ for the show and amenities. The Cougars were in the Classic Ford Division and really didn’t stand a chance with the Mustangs. However, IMHO, we had cars that were just as nice. Had a few nice discussions with folks like the Ring Brothers and met Wayne from Chasing Classic Cars. Overall a good time.
Anyway, here are some pic’s:

This shot is a random cougar cruising Woodward.

All beautiful cars, in the third picture down, I would like to have seen what the car looked like with the hood down around the scoop.
Pole cat looking good.

Thank you Splinehead for sharing your Cool Cougar pics it look like a fun Show. Any Second Gen Cougars there?

I just looked and my current pics do not have the candy red cat with the hood down. No second gen cougars in sight. I did mean to show the following pics of the Ring Brothers Cougar:

Also, I’m pretty sure this is the winner of the Classic Ford Class:

Some high quality cats there - thanks for posting the pics.

Regarding the red Cougar with the G/GT-E style scoop that is attached to the top of the engine. That is a cool custom touch and similar to what Jack Roush’s daughter Susan did to her green Cougar.

Someone posted some pics of it here someplace, including shots of it with the hood down.

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Not the best quality but, I actually have one from the grand stands of Bob’s car cruising Woodward:

Cars look great all!

My car wasn’t running unfortunately but I didn’t see very many Cougars at all on Saturday. I didn’t stop at the M1 though did drive by the track on my way south on Woodward. I wonder if we could petition the Mustang Alley organizers for a Cougar Corner in Ferndale?

Wow! That random Cougar is full of old farts.
Oh, that’s me.

That was a chance to get some non-car people excited about the Woodward Cruise. Like everything now, cruising is even controversial in the burbs along Woodward. I take any chance I can to bring people to our side.

That’s a nice angle for a cruising picture. Can you send me the high res version?


Wow! That random Cougar is full of old farts.
Oh, that’s me.

I resemble that remark,lol. 3 PM’s sent with three pic’s.

Thank you.
That’s now my avatar.