CCOA 50th Anniversary Shirts for the '68s

The shirts are in from my printer and should be available over at the CCOA webstore soon -

Spring is coming! (at least I think it is)

Those look great!

My printer did a real nice job - he called me up in the middle of the job and thought he’d caught a mistake - he asked me did I realize the bottom of the car was a different color than the top on the GT-E t-shirt.

  • Phillip


These are awesome. DO you still have any XR7 left from last year?

I don’t remember doing an XR-7 specific shirt last year - someone else may have.

If it was for the CCOA, and if there are any left I would assume they would still be for sale at their webstore.

And thanks everyone for the complements - I do appreciate them.

  • Phillip

I guess I’ll be wearing more of your art Phillip.
I see the general 68 and GT-E shirts, but when will the others also be available?

They should have gotten to Randy by now, so literally any moment.

  • Phillip

I can’t wait.

I also can’t wait for the warm, t-shirt weather to get here!

Randy Goodling, aka “CATHOUSE”, stocks and ships all of the t-shirts (among other things) for the CCOA and I can’t thank him enough. The amount of time it takes, plus the space needed to store all of those boxes. It’s a huge commitment and service to all us Cougar owners.

Come see Randy and pick up a shirt, or a part, or a die cast at Carlisle this summer.

Noticed that there are no G’s or CJ t shirts up on the site for sale

They should be up there soon Jeff - there is a process to make that happen so stay tuned.

I’ll post about it as soon as I hear.

  • Phillip

I would definitely like a couple…Great job on the design. Just looked and only the GTE.

^^^ my god - if you bought one shirt for each of your Cougars you eat up half our inventory!!!

You’ve got to get the G shirt, as I put a gold XR7-G on it.

Would think they’ll all be up on the website any moment now.

  • Phillip

Maybe there’s an even better deal for those that buy the whole set, or even a couple of sets. :+1:

No problem - had to ask. Great work on the design and execution

Wish I had more time for more graphic design but needed elsewhere :unamused:

We all contribute as best we can Jeff - I see you all over the various forums, you do your share!

All of that info that was lost over at the SAAC forum is just a tragedy. It’s down right depressing…

  • Phillip

We still have a few of the 2017 50th anniversary shirts left in stock. XL and 3XL are the only sizes left though.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Two boxes were delivered last week. I just have not yet had the time to open them and go through them. I should get that done sometime soon. Then they will be listed on the CCOA store site.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Do they look like the 68 versions?
Front and back of the car with the license plate saying 1967 and everything?
If so… it would be a bit large… but I’ll happily take an XL