Cluster identification for an XR7

Can someone tell me if this is the correct cluster for a 70 big block XR7? I don’t have the original as it went to a garage barbecue and came back like burnt toast!

That’s the one. Same as small block, for what it’s worth. Looks like a nice one. The red ribbon is late 1969 or all of 70 model year, and the hump / cutout in the burl wood piece is to clear the column on a 70.

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Is the 6k tach correct for a 428? I bought this and another cluster at different times years ago. The other one has a blue printed circuit and fewer idiot lights. Sure glad I bought this, dash pad and seats 20 years ago, now I’d have to cash in my 401k!


Yes, a 6k tach is what was supposed to be supplied in all XR7’s.
The 8k tach was only supposed to be supplied in all BOSS 302’s (hence Eliminators only).

Mistakes did happen and sometimes a BOSS 302 got a 6k and sometimes an XR7 or other Eliminator got an 8k but it was not the norm.


I’ve found 3 8K tachs in 1970 Cougars built in June, 1970.
Probably ran out of 6K tachs on that shift. :-}

I have an 8K tach in my 70 Eliminator. Only 7 Eliminator’s made after mine.