Collection of parts mostly '67 Needs to go

Hello Cougar Community, It has been a while since I posted, busy with other projects. I still have a few parts left and I’m trying to make space for my latest Jeep (just empty every pocket) project. Make offers too and I may consider it. Best of all would be if you made an offer to take all the remaining items together. I’m not a fan of shipping these days, nice stuff gets damaged.
Use the link below.

Thanks everyone!

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Looking through your list of parts and saw these…

“Used pair of center grill trim for the 67-68 Mercury Cougar”

Are these the “hockey sticks” that go on the front of the hood?

Thanks, Brian

These are the trim on each side of the center “nose” on the '67 & '68 Cougar. I also have hood trim.

Hood trim.