Comfort Weave seats covers ?

My cougar came with interior “GD Parchment Comfort Weave Vinyl Bucket Seats/Red Appointments” according to Marti which have the whole center section made of a perforated “woven fabric”. Are these reproduced ? been looking around but i can only find the standard ones with just a strip of that similar fabric across the backrest, not the full seating and backrest area. I can see something similar to mine but only for the 68 XR7 but the shape of the seat seems different.

It would be helpful if you were to include what year Cougar you are working on and if it is a standard or an XR-7.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Please post a photo of your Marti Report. It will be helpful to see the interior code as well as details about your Cougar.

Have you reached out to West Coast Classic Cougar or Johns Cougar?

SMS Auto Fabrics is a great source for the materials


Be careful when ordering from SMS. They have different samples of comfort-weave. The first sample they sent me has a smaller pattern than the original. I eventually got the right sample to place an order.

It’s for my 67 base. Haven’t asked wccc directly, was hoping Don would drop some knowledge here.
SMS has the fabric but wondering if pre-made seat covers are available for the DIYer.