Concours power steering belt

looking for a concours power steering belt for 69 428 4spd no air. orderd 2from NPD and both were to small. any ideas

Double check that all of your pulleys are correct for that application.

Try marti auto. His site says there were two depending on date of manufacture.

Ya, I got two different belts from NPD and neither one fit. My circumference is 48.25 “. Both manufacture date related belts were about 4”s smaller. I also got 2 concours quality alternator belts from NPD and they fit perfectly. So that leaves the only possibility that the p/s pulley could be wrong. Or that is what it came with.

I really like to find a concours quality belt that is 48” circumference

I did check my pulley. It’s a 6AA pulley. From what I can figure out is that is the correct pulley for 69 428 no air.
Thanks for your help guys.