Coolant Catch Can Overflow Catch Tank Bottle

Has anyone used a Coolant Catch Can Overflow Catch Tank Bottle, instead of letting the coolant hit the floor from the overflow tube? I have a buddy that said it works fine on his Buick. I have a 67 XR7 GT, it is not quite ready for the road, but I did drive it to the end of the street and back and she spewed coolant when I got back. Granted, it does not have a shroud yet, on order, the cap is at least 37 years old, on order. Just a curiosity question at the moment.

My car had a coolant recovery tank/radiator cap and it worked. But coolant ideally should not boil causing it to overflow. I fought that for years on mine and here is what all I did to fix it (in this order):
Flush cooling system and install 50/50 mix of antifreeze
Replace radiator cap
Install proper thermostat for 351C
Replace 20” radiator with 24” 3 row and shroud
Replace 5 blade flex fan with 6 blade clutch fan
High volume water pump
Disassemble engine and rod out block (lots of rusty scale was plugging coolant passages)
FINALLY doesn’t boil coolant out anymore and I was able to remove the coolant recovery system.

If you over fill the radiator it will burp out the excess coolant on the first drive since filling

Yes, I use one of these:,2954.html?_br_psugg_q=overflow+tank

I can’t recall exactly which size I have as it’s been on the car since the early 90s. There are several sizes available and lots of places stock them for fast delivery. I did make my own brackets and mounted it to the side of the radiator.

That is the same one I use, radiator stays full which helps with cooling.

Nice looking too.

Remember you need to change radiator cap to later type (Car with factory coolant recovery system) which allows coolant to be pulled back into the radiator from reservoir when engine cools down.

Thanks for all the input. I do only have coolant where it is just above the radiator core top, never full. I did find that that radiator cap was bad, I did buy a shroud and I am installing it in the next couple of days. I am going to keep this option of overflow catch tank bottle on the back burner.

Thanks again.

Putting a shroud and replacing the radiator cap did the trick. I haven’t taken it for a longer the down the street and back, but I did let it run in the driveway for 15 minutes like the last time, and took it for a spin and no coolant spewing out. Working on paint at the moment.

For the things I do (drags), a catch can is required. I found by some fantastic luck a Toyota can from some unknown year that nestles along the passenger side of the radiator almost as if it was made for it. If I can ever find it again, I’ll post it,

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