Correct Air Cleaner Decals? ('70 CJ Ram-Air)

Hey Fellahs,

I’m planning for the future and looking to bundle up a few small items in an upcoming order, so I’m looking for some clarification…

Are these the correct air cleaner decals for a 1970 w/ 428CJ and Ram-Air?

I’ve heard conflicting reports on whether the “FRONT” decal is correct for '70. There doesn’t seem to be much room for it at front-center…

I’ve seen various versions of the “AUTOLITE” decal with different part numbers. Haven’t seen one with the '70 RA part# though (D0WY-9600-A). This one has no part numbers, so I figured it would be “the least incorrect”…

Not sure if this “FoMoCo” decal was used for '70 RA cars, or even where it was placed on the air cleaner…

Already have this repro in my parts pile, but really would like to find an original one…

Also, was there a factory decal used on the inside ram-air lid? I don’t think there was, but I figured I’d ask just to be sure.

Thanks in advance!

Mike,contact John Benoit (drcougar here), he could probably tell you what decals were on the air cleaner and what the correct ones are. Maybe,he’ll have a NOS MERCURY CJ-428 decal. John

Thanks for the tip!

I’m no expert, but I’m 99% certain that the “Front” decal wasn’t used after '67 or maybe early '68. I do know that in over 25 years of scrounging through junkyards for old Ford & Mercury parts, I have never seen an original, unrestored '69 model or newer with the “Front” decal on the aircleaner. They aren’t seen in original factory or press photos from the era, either. The “Autolite” decal, however, seems to be universal until the changeover to “Motorcraft” in '72 or '73.

Thanks Jay!

So, does anyone have or know where I could get a correct original “Mercury CJ-428” decal to use for reproduction purposes?

I can just imagine when they were deemed obsolete… workers taking them home in stacks to give to thier kids, and them getting stuck all over bikes, toys, lunchboxes and furniture, LOL / cry!

I did get some additional info / tips from Jeff Speegle over on the Concourse forum.
Here is the link for anyone else interested:

Mike. Interestingly enough I just went through this too for my car. Not a lot of Info out there on this subject. A kit I got from one of the vendors had the “front” sticker in it too but after research it looks like they didn’t use it after 1968 like said above. I ended up using the appropriate autolite sticker for my engine and I also used that fomoco replacement sticker towards the back of the base. Although I do have to say that I only put it on there after doing a lot of research and not finding what I needed. Some cars have them on and some don’t when I looked at a ton of Google pictures of 1970 vehicles. My guess was that that particular sticker may not have been put on that year because the font looks a little outdated to me based on the autolite sticker that was put on also. But that is only an absolute guess on my part. I put it on anyways even though it may not be correct.