Correct distributor for a 68 302 4v

My 68 xr7 302 4v auto with ac has a distributor that is dual port vacuum advance. The previous owner put pertronix in it which is not wired correctly +and- to the coil. So I will be fixing this issue as will as setting the timing. When I was looking at vacuum diagrams for my car, it shows a single port vacuum advance for a 68 302 4v auto with ac. Is the single port correct for this motor setup? If so should I change the vacuum advance unit to a single port, cap off the port not being used or replace the distributor with a single port vacuum advance.
Thanks Scott

What were you using to look up your vacuum diagrams ?

I just finished restoring a 68 Mustang 302 4V auto, and it came from factory with a dual vac. adv.

I was using google and looked up 68 cougar vacuum diagrams.

I see that the 1968 shop manual lists only a single vacuum diaphragm distributor (C8ZF-D) for the 302 (4V) automatic transmission (page 9-37).

I also found a schematic for the single diaphragm distributor in an Autolite training manual “Engine Emission Control Systems” (copyright 1969).
Vacuum Hoses Single Diaphragm.JPG