Cougar parts

On face book 6 hours ago, John Benoit has a lot of parts for sale, looks like 67-68-69 and probably others, I don’t know if he’s on this form or not.

John is on here, can’t remember his handle.

Here is his website -

  • Phillip

John goes by drcougar on here.

He sells mostly 67-70 parts only. He is just downsizing. I cant blame him, thats a heck of a collection he has been collecting for 35 years.


Yes the time has come. Want to retire at some point so need to start clearing out the parts side of the business. It may take a while! Will continue to do repair work for some time to come. Here is a direct link to some pictures of our parts department. If you need something best to email me direct at

Oh my goodness what a parts trove !

My Cougar parts collection isn’t so bad after viewing what you have acquired over the years.