Cracked!.. Steel Style.. garden hose or stop drill?

Back in '93 when my milage on these wheels started, the crack was less than a 1/8 inch. I lived in Texas then.
I lived in Wisconsin, 1999-2000, harsh roads and fluctuating temperatures. I saw some crack expansion action that year . Not to mention my driving style. Although, did try to stay away from high-speed sustained harmonics or sudden torque values. Some would say I got lucky that I did not have a catastrophic failure. I would have to agree. Sure is going to look nice holding up my garden hose. Now I just need 3 more garden hoses.

Or maybe it’s just about being a punk and seeing how lucky you are.

I have seen many of those with cracks over the years but never seen one fail. Weld it from the backside and use it for a spare?

I think you tempted fate long enough to get your money out of these. That will make an awesome hose rack.