Craigslist ad for 69 CJ motor and trans

Doing my weekly random craigslist browse and came across this. Guy claims to be selling a matched 428 and C6 that came from a 69 Cougar.

Would be interested in getting a VIN from the eng / trans, but based on his ad I don’t know that he would provide it.

My dad and I visited him when we were there in January. The guy is the definition of a nut case. Some good parts, wanted too much for the engine. We had to do some digging but found the vin on the block and it is 9F556537


Thanks, too low a serial number to have come from an Eliminator.

This ad has been on/off Phoenix Craigslist for the last few years, I would have to agree the guy is somewhat of a nutcase

The engine is from a car that is unknown to the 428CJ registry. Probably parted out many years ago.