Crazy Cougars!!!!

Ok everyone, I keep coming across crazy pictures of Cougars and I think we all should share them. I’ve posted some in other threads but let’s put them all together. If you’ve got some pics of crazy looking Cougars post them here!!!

Let the fun begin…

Apparently this one belonged to JOE!

Nice luggage rack.

I saw this 69 on Craigslist for 12k. I didn’t know they made a Mopar edition. LOL :naughty:

…and check out those wheels!!!

Looks like Stuntman Mike replaced his Nova with a '69 Cougar.

  • Phillip

I nominate my own… the wheels and side pipes were cool in 1986 not 2019 :confused: I suppose it could be worse…

I must say I love the black Steel wheels look! Everthying else ehhhh not so much

I want to know WHAT is that hood ornament???

Here is a crazy custom Cougar.


If you’re going to call yourself a customizer you should learn the get things to fit straight.

By the Fonz? LOL. Now that’s pretty crazy!!!

This one always stirred the pot every time it came up.

It’s a duck, the owner is doing a Cougar version of the Death Proof car.

Google Death Proof Nova.

  • Phillip

Here are a few

I kinda like the roadster!

Phillip, you just explained a lot!!! A Death Proof Cougar. I did enjoy that movie. I did google Death Proof Nova and now I follow the paint scheme. Wonder why the luggage rack on back though???