Diagnostic Tach

I have an old school tach (engine analyzer - WITH dwell!) that will not register with my MSD 6A ignition system (connected to tach terminal). Does anyone happen to know of a compatible unit for underhood analysis?

Go old fashioned, connect up to spark plug 1

Interesting. First thought in response, is that would be horribly inconvenient unless it was inductive, no way to connect to the sparkplug without compromising the spark. Makes me laugh because a friend was over today when I was checking the timing and he had said “too bad they don’t make a timing light that can read through the jacket” (now that’s REALLY old school; my inductive timing light must be 35 years old at least). Anyway, through your provocative answer I looked it up and sure enough they DO make an inductive tachometer! Guess I needs to get me one o dem! Thanks!

Yeah, i have the old achool inductive timing light. They dont break. It has several marks on the busi ess end from getting too close to fan blades.

Yeah, I have an inductive timing light as well, but my tach (engine analyzer) wants to be connected to the coil which is a no-no for MDS. Not having any success with an inductive tach though, seems they are all for “small engine”, not V8s.