Door window fitment

Putting car back together (70 Cougar) and I am not happy with the door windows. they are to far away from the outside felt, I checked the runs (maybe Bent) but they look like new, I switched the elevators around, a friend said to throw the run guides away and get different ones. the inside beltlines are not in, but even if I pull on the window it’s hard to get it out to touch.

The problem is more on the Passenger side.

I don’t have the 1970 manual but other years have an excellent procedure for alignment. Have you tried it?

My passenger quarter window is that way. I replaced the inside and outside felt, and have adjusted (per the shop manual) and shimmed every possible way. All the windows now align with each other and the weatherstrips perfectly. But there is still about 1/4” gap between passenger quarter window and outside felt - worse towards the rear. I gave up and called it good.