Dyeing an original dash

I have the original dark blue dash from my 69 cougar.

I’ve tried almost everything under the sun to get the nicotine stains off of it. Nothing has worked.

Purple stuff. Simple Green etc. I’m afraid to damage/dry out the pad by scrubbing it too much.

I was hoping to not have to dye it, but it looks as though I’m going to have to.

Will the SEM prep step products properly clean this surface? I really don’t want to start applying dye if it’s going over a dirty surface.

I’ve used the SEM interior spray paint without any SEM prep products and it worked out very well. The key is to scrub and clean the dash pad to get it as clean as possible. I used a hot bucket of water mixed with TSP as a cleaning agent and scrubbed the dash pad with with a grey scotch brite and rinsed it off with a garden hose. My dash pad was excessively dirty and took about an hour to scrub perfectly clean.

Of course this requires the dash pad to be removed from the car. Once the assembly was completely dried and ready for paint, I hung the dash pad and sprayed it with a wax and grease remover as a final wipe to remove any final contaminants before applying the paint. The paint I used was SEM interior paint in a spray paint can.

I may need your help on my 67 XR-7 interior, Steve.

We can definitely do her up right Scott. Shoot me a call sometime. Am around your area all the time.

If I were to do my interior all over again, I would buy a quart of the SEM interior paint from the local automotive paint supplier I deal with, thoroughly clean and prep all the interior parts that I wanted to paint (both vinyl and plastic pieces) and leave them with my painter Steve and have him spray everything in the paint booth. Saves on not having to buy a dozen spray paint cans on the interior spray paint and in the end produces a more even finish on all the pieces.

That might be an even better way to go.
It will definitely be a challenge to get the correct shade of Saddle.

Try this link for the color chart…


Saddle might be a hard one to match is right.

Quick look without a reference in front of me and it looks like maybe Palomino might be closest.

I used the TSP like Steve and it works very well, I also used the SEM vinyl prep after as an extra measure. SEM interior is good stuff, I had a guy match up my red using Matrix paint set up for vinyl then shot a matte clear over for UV protection. Not sure if the SEM has UV built in or not…? May have to shoot a clear after to get the UV protection, paint supplier should know. Basically you want it very clean, the vinyl prep is supposed to soften the vinyl so the paint stains like a dye from what I’ve read…