Early production 1967 XR7s

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Newbie here, ( sorry in advance if this post is in the wrong section), was looking to find information on the early production of the XR7.
Here’s the question, I have an 67 XR7 and wanted to know how many were made before mine . According to my Marti report, was built on 8/2/67
Vin is 7F93C650075
Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance AND
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Almost all of them. You actually have a very late production’67. Mercury VIN numbers start at 500000. Typically we see build dates starting in August of the year prior to the model year start around September first.

Thank you for the info, much appreciated

My XR7 390GT 4 speed is 7F93S591209 built April 67

Cool, thanks for input

My '67 XR7 GT (02115) has a build date of 05/08/1967.

Seem to recall they started building XR7s in March 1967.

Mines built in January 1967. First month of XR-7 production.

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My '67 XR7 289 was built on 6/14/67.

Leave it to Royce time travel and find a 1867 XR7!!!