Eliminators on the Market (May 2023)

This one changed hands, but is already relisted by the current owner ~ and appears to be “sale pending” already!

'69 w/ 351, Auto. Bright Blue Metallic, Blue Interior. Docs. In TN for $10k

4-speed car…

'69 w/ 351, 4-speed. Competition Orange, Black Interior. Project. Docs. In MO for $15k.

Car is sold!

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Where is it headed to next?

Headed to NY state - thanks for connecting us, Mike! Hopefully the new owner will be on the forum here.

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Appears Fastlane finally decided they aren’t going to find a buyer at that crazy price and sent the car to auction. Be interesting to see the result, I can’t imagine they’ll come out ahead on this.

Do you have a link to the auction listing?

IMO still a car that should be in the low 40k range

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'69 w/ 351, Auto. Comp Orange (originally White), Black Interior (originally Blue). Docs. In Strathcona County, Alberta for $26.5k (CAD).

R-code in Colorado…

'69 w/ 428CJ, Auto. Bright Yellow, Black Interior. Docs. In CO for $50k.


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Something a bit ‘different’ about the placement of the rear ( red ) marker light and the Cougar nameplate on this Eliminator. It appears they have been located too far from the bumper-1/4 panel extension ? Perhaps a service replacement rear quarter, where the holes are not pre-drilled ?
Or worse just poor body work / rust repair. Compare these two images as to what I’m talking about:
Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 13-49-42 Classic Cougar Community Forum

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Yeah, that is a HUGE screw up! Ugg.

Price reduced to $59k

RNM on the comp blue cougar, not sure who Fast Lane thinks they’re going to get their $ back from. 60k was more than fair.