Engine swap 67 cougar

My 67 cougar has a 66 falcon straight six in it. I would like to put a 302 in it. Would a 302 out of a 81 ford ranger work? What would have to be done electronically? Would it have anything to do with emissions have to be done?

The 1981 302 should work. I’m sure there are differences other than ignition. Some items like oil pan might need to be changed. Ignition should not be an issue because of the availability of aftermarket systems. I believe in 1981 the EEC III system was used. If you want to keep that system these guys might be able to help you. Which ever way you go just get the 6 cylinder out of your classic Cougar. I’m sure more members will give their thoughts.

Would a C4 transmission be able to handle a 360 ford engine?

Yes & no… A properly built c4 can handle it, but you need to spend some $$$ on the c4 to make that happen. Also the C4 won’t bolt up to the 360 FE block. Need an adapt kit for about $800. Plus, you need to reinforce the shock towers for the heavier motor which isn’t a bad idea anyways.