Extended seat runners

I’ve just been out in my Cougar and somethings just occurred to me.
Because of health reasons I dont drive snymore but luckily the Wife loves the car so we still go out in it.
However, because of my mobility, getting into the car is a struggle and if the passenger seat went back further it would make life a lot easier.
Has anyone any experience or advice regarding extending the seat runners so the seat can slide further back in a Cougarthanks

Theres a guy on feebay that sells them.

Have you got a link or search terms I should use.
I just had a quick look but with no success.

I have mine in all my cougars. I got them from Northcoast Mustang.

Found them, thanks :slight_smile:
They work out quite expensive by the time they’re shipped over here, does the extra 2” make a significant difference?

Here is a thread where this was discussed.
The poster has not been active here since 2016 but has been active on eBay in the last 6 months. Reach out to him with a private message or contact him through eBay.