First cougar project

Rust free 351 4v 4 speed but needs complete restoration. Long road but looking forward to it

Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. There’s a lot of great information and people here on this site. It looks like you have a great starting point.

Nice solid looking project! And your diving right into paint and body. Looks like you have a lot of room in your shop which is always a plus.


Do you have the interior to go with it?

I do have all the interior it’s needs reupholstered.the dash pad is shot as well. Need a few pieces of exterior trim restored but it’s all there.

It’s a crying shame that you have no space to work on that. :poke:

Good Luck with the project.

Seriously…NICE SETUP!!!

Oh, and nice car, too…

Yeah I built the shop a year ago so his is the first major project in it. I don’t know if there is any such thing as too much work space!

Slowly making some progress

Jeez, you’ll be driving it by summertime!

Great progress on you first Cougar. I would switch it over to disc brakes… you’ll thank me later…

I have a 100% complete standard interior in your color for sale.

Great job - keep it up…love the color and the styled steel wheels.

That is a very rare car… You can always go back and add discs one day when you happen on a conversion at a bargain price, keep your eyes peeled and they can still be found for about $500.

I’m hoping too down the road, I still have pretty big parts list to get it back together. I think the next big purchase will be some restored bumpers.