first ride in 2011

Hi all,

took the cougar for a first ride this year,

and,as usual, after cleaning it up, dang thing went and CHANGED COLOR on me again…

new pics are here

I bought a light blue top quality carpet by mistake, last year, and I could swear it would go great in the cougar on those pics :laughing:

Here in AZ all of the cats are hibernating waiting for cooler weather. October 15th, can’t come soon enough. Even with AC, the 110 degree weather is just too hot.

Are you funnin’ me Bill??? that’s the date I have to put it away for winter ('till may).

There just has to be something just in the middle, somewhere… :laughing:

I wish that I was kidding. For us, summer is like your winter: we stay indoors mostly. Anything that needs to happen outdoors has to be done in the early morning. The good part is that we do get about 8 months of recent weather. Fortunately, we are in a valley and I can run up to higher elevations to cool off from time to time. In about 90 minutes I can be at 7500’ elevation and the temperature will be 30 degrees cooler.

Enjoy your summer while it lasts. I am trying to put together a trip to Calgary in the next few weeks. It should be beautiful up there.

I guess here in So Ca we have the best of both… Just No Jobs !

I taught winter camping in college, Truly!

If You’re going to Calgary, try to take some time to really look around. A very nice place. Banff is not far, neither is Lake Louise.

All places one should see in his lifetime. Enjoy


I took my Cougar out yesterday evening. It was 92 at 8pm. It was a good drive but short. The A/C made it enjoyable. Today was 103 with a heat index of 107. I am with Bill the hot summer months are tough on our cats. I received an email form another local Cougar owner who just got back from being deployed. He told me his Cougar had a melt down Tuesday.