For sale vehicles......One of my biggest pet peeves......

Car’s with AC, offered for sale, stating the following: “Just needs a recharging”. If that’s truly all it needed, who would NOT address that issue prior to the sale? If it isn’t functioning, there is either a leak or another potentially expensive issue. Just state “AC not working”. Irritating. Just my 2cts.


That annoyed me also
Windows need minor adjusting, easy fix…another one of my favorite!

“…all original – one repaint, new carpet/dash pad/seat coveres, Holley double pumper, Performer RPM intake, headers…”

“…frame off resto…”

^^^ Yes! The “all original” thing cracks me up too. Amazing how many people make that claim.

Me too. I had to laugh the other day when I was reading a magazine article and they touted a car as “all original” just a few lines after stating it had been repainted and had a replacement engine block, or some-such. I guess my requirement for the phrase “all” is more strict than some folks’?

What about “Rare” & “Restored”? No doubt two of the most abused words when talking about the car hobby.Then add poor grammar and spelling.

“rust free” followed by photos showing rust.

What bugs me the most is “xxx original miles”. Can someone explain to me what non-original miles might be to differentiate between the two?

Could be pertaining to a new powertrain or a change in the speedometer or a roll back of the original unit,the latter being illegal?

Basically any ad without a price…

Good topic rcode.

My peeve is ads without engine pictures. Lots of shot so lovely bodywork and interior but not a one of what is under the bonnet.

A close second is no underside shots.

So basically no pictures of what make the the car a car.

I like this one…

A/C works but just needs the belt to be installed and freon.

“Ran when parked.”

“I know what I have” (a 99 Chevy Chevette)

How much do you want for that $500 POS?

Oh man. That one is a classic. Might as well say “it ran the last time it ran.”

It uber rare (due to being a POS)

I like

  1. Easy project
  2. Body work is done, is primed and ready for paint
  3. No title, sold with a bill of sale…and then they proceed to tell you how to get a title.

When someone states that their car is 100% rust free and original. But then they go on to say that the floor pans, rails, torque boxes, wheel houses, quarters, doors, fenders, hood, etc. all have been replaced. Wouldn’t the description below be more correct?

Yes, my car was super rusty. In retrospect, I don’t know why I fixed it. But now I have more money invested in it than the car could ever be worth. And the quality of all that metal repair is questionable. So now I am dumping the car on someone else so I can cut my losses.

Yep, I would love to see that. :open_mouth:

Saw this in the Vancouver CL for a 69 Cougar Conv.
“Good rust free body ( very dirty )
Surface rust only”