Front seat pivot pin recall ID?

Quick question - is it possible to tell if the front seat pivot bracket recall has been done with the seats still in the car (69 xr7)? Didn’t worry me while the car was off the road, now that we’re finally mobile I figure I should check… thanks in advance.

Sure you can look at the pivots and tell if the kit has been installed or not.

Lean the seat back forward and run your fingers above and below the pivot pin, and along the seat back frame. You will be able to feel where the bracket and the seat frame ‘meet’. There is a step down area where the bracket transitions to the seat back frame - about an inch to an inch-and-a-half above and below the bracket itself. You will also be able to feel, through the seat cover vinyl, where the bolt head is ( used to secure the bracket to the frame ). It is above and to the left of the pivot pin itself. This is a link to the Concours Mustang Forum and the problem. Also has an embedded link to a Facebook page where a weld repair ( not pretty and definitely NOT concours ) is shown.

This was a late 70’s recall ( ‘campaign’ ) to correct the failure of this seat back pivot pin. The campaign part numbers were :

RHS : D7ZZ-69618C47-A and
LHS : D7ZZ-69618C46-A

there is ( still ! ) no shortage of these parts and reproductions ( in some ways better quality than the original FoMoCo ) on the internet.

Thanks gah for the detailed instructions. I can’t feel the bracket or bolt head which suggests it hasn’t been done - another thing to add to the list…