Fuel filter location

A friend of mine owns a 67 XR7, he is having problems with fuel delivery. He had the carb rebuilt and fuel pump replaced, when the car sits and idles for more then a few minutes and he pushes the gas pedal the car shuts off. I am trying to find out where the inline fuel filter is located? I know there is a filter screwed into the carb but feel there should also be one somewhere in the fuel supply line. Thanks for any help.

There is a plastic filter in the fuel tank at the end of the pickup, sometimes they clog from age and collapse (suck in) while the car is running since the fuel cant flow through. I had this issue with my 68 Stang even the electric fuel pump could not pull fuel through it.

make sure he has a vented fuel cap

Is it worthy to think about the accelerator pump?

Is the vacuum advance working?

Probably neither of these but putting a few more thoughts out there.

Good luck

The only fuel filter is the one screwed into the carburetor inlet. There is also a screen on the fuel pickup, part of the fuel quantity sending unit. Often rust or congealed gasoline in the gas tank clogs the screen on the fuel pickup in the tank.

Doesn’t seem like it would be a fuel line issue, since the carb should have plenty of gas sitting in the bowls to keep running for a spell. Does the car just stall immediately, like just shut right down, or does it gradually sputter itself out? If it shuts down immediately that would make me suspect an electrical issue, rather than fuel. If it is something with fuel flow being choked out, I would expect the problem to be right inside the carb, rather than outside it.

see if it squirts when you work the throttle after it dies.