Fuel guage and temperature guage not working

Hello again,
My fuel guage and temperature guage both do not work. The temp guage is not an issue but I need to know what to do with getting the fuel guage to work. There was a new sending unit installed less than 500 miles ago.
Help please
Thx Bill

First thing I would do is ground both leads (fuel&temp) to verify wire harness isn’t issue. Not for nothing but sometimes new equipment isn’t as reliable as we like to think. :smoke:

Both of those instruments rely upon the instrument panel voltage regulator for power. If you find that connecting the fuel gage lead to ground does not peg the fuel gage, then you should try connecting the temp gage lead to ground. That should peg the temp gage.

If neither of these things happens, then you will have to remove the instrument cluster to find out why nothing works. Perhaps the main plug to the cluster is disconnected, or the instrument panel ground wire is not connected.

Thank you both, the fuel gauge cluster is removed completely as I have just refinished painting the chrome on it.
So before reinstalling it I will take it to my buddy who knows cars really well.