Just finished watching this for who knows how many times. I couldn’t help thinking what a cool collection it would make to have all the vehicles in the movie. Continental w/suicide doors, Ranchero, T-Bird convertible, etc…

It still makes me cringe to watch them crush the Lincoln.

My favorite Bond movie.

Don’t forget about the Country Squire wagon.

Yes, definitely would like that one as well!

1964 Ford Country Squire station wagon

Awesome sight Troy. Thanks.

I think the Ranchero might have been a little overloaded when it left the junkyard.

I just caught it again this week, and thought the same thing about the Lincoln weighing more than the Ranchero!

A 1/43 collection, of decent quality, of the cars from Goldfinger, and a few other James Bond movies, exists. I have the '69 Cougar convertible from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, of course:

The Ranchero:

The Cougar:

…and the Ranchero didn’t move an inch when the crushed Lincoln was loaded in.