GTE hood scoop for 68 XR-7

I am installing the GTE scoop on my 68, and I am considering making it a functional cold air intake. Is a template for cutting the hood openings available? A cover the diameter of the air filter element? A seal that would attach to the outside of the original air filter housing and close some of the space between the filter housing and hood? How about some grill work for the scoop?
I would also like to install through-the-valance exhaust. Has anyone come up with a valance that is already cut out? I would rather not cut my original as it is near mint condition. Suggestions appreciated. Cougarman68

GTE’s had two engine packages. 427 and the 428CJ both 7 Litre engines. The 428CJ had the functional ram air scoop and the 427 did not. Here is a picture from the GTE registry showing the difference. Which one are you using? If you are using the W code 427 scoop you’ll have to make your own stuff. The 428 items are available but the air cleaner can be a bit pricey.

GTE Scoops

XR7G 428 with the functional ram air scoop

I ordered the 427 scoop, so I will be fabricating . Thanks for the pics, regards mike