Had the seats recovered but something looks off

Here’s what I had:

And this is what came back from the shop:

The seat buns look like they angle outward/inward, and the seat pleats don’t line up with the backs. Is this normal for repro seats and foam? They started with quality materials I ordered through WCCC, so my first thought is the install isn’t what it should be. Thoughts?

Wow. I agree, it looks like who ever did this made a mistake, or two. Very disappointing to pay a “professional” and get results that you could have yourself.

Looks like they needed to be a bit more careful in stretching the upholstery into place over the cushions so everything lines up. It looks really nice otherwise though. Maybe it won’t be noticed once installed and not looking at them from that angle?

If you notice, your original on the left of the picture didn’t line up correctly either….
I don’t think it looks too bad. It could use a little more padding to fill the new covers out though. Did you get new seat foam too? If not, that might be part of the problem.

After I installed the driver’s seat, the misalignment of the cover is far less noticeable and a few days this summer sitting out in the Texas sun may get them to relax.

The new vinyl is nice, and the foam is really firm, so it feels right when seated. I’m definitely sitting an inch or so higher, but that’s to be expected when the old foam was 53 years old and turning into powder.

Thanks for the feedback and I’ll add some more pictures once I get the door panels and dash work finished. Oh, I’m doing those myself. :wink:

An aside, whoever posted about using toilet paper tubes in the floor pan holes while uninstalling/reinstalling seat retaining nuts is now one of my heroes. It may have been on this board or another I visit, but I didn’t lose any nuts into the open space between the seat box and floor pan, and never would have even thought of it if they hadn’t mentioned it.

The guy who recovered my seats told me the reproduction covers required a little bit of extra foam to fit correctly. Installed, no one was ever the wiser.

Finished installing the seats and the driver door panel. Getting the harnesses attached to the power window switches was a major pain…thankfully the repro retaining clips are holding with just a bit of bending and coaxing.

The prior owner put in a CD player and hacked the faceplate to pieces as well as the brackets and trim. The last parts for that repair showed up yesterday, so the interior is almost done!

Sure looks nice in your pic!

  • Phillip

Thanks Propayne, I agree I overreacted when they came home, and it looks good installed. The carpet in particular looks great after 53 years and an original dash pad is a testament to good owners who kept her away from the sun.

Quick question, any relatives from the Mayfield, KY area? Dad was a Payne from that area in Graves County, and we still keep in touch with some of our family there.

Wow - they look great! Glad they worked out ok!

Interior looks great!
Seatbelt installation doesn’t look quite right though. Shouldn’t the female buckle be in the console insert and the male end be coming from the door side near the outside back of the seats?
Everything else looks fantastic and I love the color of those seats and door panels.