Hardened valve seats??

Getting ready to build a 351c with 4V heads. Any opinions on having hardened valve seats installed?

Of course you should have them installed. These days it would be poor practice not to have that done.

My $.02, while in general this is a good idea for engines running today’s unleaded fuel (only exhaust seats are needed, BTW), it is not strictly necessary unless the car is a daily driver. Many people run classic cars on today’s fuel and have no problem, but most do not put 10K or more on the vehicle per year (thus my previous comment).

That is correct. When leaded gas was phased out a lot of people thought the older cars would be blowing motors left and right and that just didn’t happen unless they were at redline all the time or hauling heavy loads in hot weather on a regular basis. It’s fairly inexpensive to have the hardened exhaust seats put in while doing a valve job and then it’s over and done with and there’s nothing to worry about . Original engines from back in the day that haven’t been rebuilt? If they’re just baby doll cruisers driven in a sane manner until a valve job is done they’ll be fine.