Has anyone done anything interesting with the clock?

I just acquired a 67 Standard Coupe, and it has the little clock in the center of the dash. The clock seems to have been long dead before I got the car.

I see that replacement clocks are available, but I was wondering if anyone had utilized the space for something else.

Volts? Oil pressure? Boost? A compass and barometer? A photo of your wife?

Just looking for options before I purchase a boring clock.

See the second tach item(G1SC) for a first gen clock to tach conversion:


+1 on the tach, I like that it looks factory. I have one set aside for my project.

I like the tach! I think I might pull my core, and send it to RCC tonight.

Plus, I can put a photo of my wife in the dash until the conversion is finished, so she’ll let me keep buying Cougar parts …

The tach is a cool option, Was wanting to do that for mine but mine does not have the clock just the blank block off

That’s item 1…the G1S tach for non-xr7, no clock…send him your clock delete face and the “cup” behind it, he’ll make a tach out of it. Easy peezy.

sweet, I must have read into the description wrong. I was under the impression you needed a full clock to make the core for the tach.

Not so fast on the mini tach. This is what RCCI’s site says about the mini-tach: Waiting for parts, Back-Order only. No ETA at this time.

This is what I’m doing since the Cougar mini-tach is currently unavailable.

You can read more about it in my 68 convertible conversion page:


Check with Rocketman, but I think the unavailable part is the clock face itself. If you have a clock I think you are half way there, but you do have to send it to him since he has no cores.

The main problem right now (with all tachs) is I am still waiting on the vendor to ship a critical component. The parts were due in May and I have been getting a shipping date of ‘soon’ since June and ran out of parts in early July.

I am surprised that the Mustang mini tach works in the Cougar cluster - folks tried that before I started making the Cougar minis years ago and ran into set back and lighting issues.

Bill the issue I had was no clock or blank plate in my convertible project. One of the previous owners installed a mechanical oil pressure gauge so I had neither for a core.

There is a set back issue that I had to work through. Brian (BAC) did the Mustang Mini-Tach conversion and we spoke about three options for setback and lighting. I worked though the three options and fabricated my new lens and mounts. I’m pleased with the way it has turned out and the LED light upgrade makes the gauge cluster look awesome. Thanks for the service you and Bill provide for the Cougar Community.

Pics please Steven! :slight_smile:

And for Bob’s info, this is what my mini-tach plus LED back lighting installation looks like:

Brian here is one picture I took. It really looks much better in person. In the picture I only had two LED’s installed. As soon as I get the cluster back in the car I’ll take new pictures.


nice work retrofitting the mustang tach steven!

Very nice!

Thanks guys. I have to take apart the gauge cluster one more time. I didn’t realize that I needed to paint the edge of my custom lens black. I have light bleeding through the edge instead of a soft distribution across the lens and mini-tach face. It would be much like the factory did painting the edge of the clock lens.