Head in my hand after finding this one!

Was looking in the engine compartment this evening and fount a piece of creative garage engineering!

Apparently this is what is done when you want to add an aftermarket intake to a 69 390 and you think getting the proper sized bolts is over rated. Feel free to correct me if im wrong but I really dont think this a method of instillation approved by either Ford or Edelbrock! LOL

Unfortunately I also found this while digging around:

This one should be added to the “What was the person who had the car before you thinking” files.

All comments are welcome. Thanks for looking.


Sometimes you just need to wonder…and hope you don’t find anything else done creatively!

Actually, the rear bolts were like that from Ford. Spacers were used on the rear two intake bolts so that all bolts could be the same length.

The rest of them would have been fine if someone had used washers. Looks like you will need to weld the intake to fix the cracks.

Yes, just like Royce said these are factory bolt spacers. Sometimes even a Ford engineer uses the “kiss” system.

Thanks for the responses guys. I didn’t think it was correct but I always keep a slightly open mind just in case. Looks like this was one of those times.

Here is my latest contribution to this post. Some genious cut the original alternator harness out of the harness, which isnt unusual. Unfortunately, they installed the new harness with a couple wire twists and a LOT of electrical tape.

Additionally, they cut off the female side of the connector. Minus a lot of electrical tape, this is how it was installed in the car.

SO if anyone has a picture of the receiver side of the alternator harness they can throw up I could look at for reference, would appreciate it.

Thanks for looking.