Header advice

I have a 1968 351c 4v engine swap with a c4 transmission ready to go in also will be installing power steering… for the life of me I can not find which headers will fit …. (Please) does anyone have this combo…part number would be nice.

Any header that fits that engine in a '70 Cougar would work. The FMX used in '70 is much larger than the C4 so it’s all good. Many different brands will fit, almost all will require the “power steering drop bracket” which is both welded and bolted to the frame.

If I had it to do all over again I would have never put headers on any car with the slave cylinder power steering all our 67-70 cars have. I would highly recommend epas performance electric power steering if you have a restomod. But if you’re adding headers, you’re well on your way… It takes all the added stress off the lower frame rail. It also removes apoor performing hydraulic power steering system and the leaks that come with it. There are only three wires to install. Most of the installation is mechanical in nature. I’ve installed two of these systems. One that came with an ididit column for my 70 Cougar and one on a 67 mustang by modifying the stock column. You have to decide if it fits your project. See photos

I have a 1970 with power steering, and I used “Patriot Exhaust H8408-1 - Patriot Full-Length Headers” and also used the drop bracket for the power steering, since it’s pretty much required. Even with that, I had to lift up the driver side of the engine to get that header in, but it didn’t need any bashing or hammering.

Only reason I went with them was someone else in the reviews said they put theirs in a 70 351C and it worked.

Thanks for the advice so any brand 1970 351c 4v headers will work… I haven’t purchased any steering components yet I’ve heard a lot about the borgeson kit also the Epas kit either kit still requires the linkage assembly right? outer inner tie rods and idler arm? Thanks for the advice

Stock linkage and gearbox with epas, you’ll just need the slave system eliminator for both systems…see photo…also you can get a larger set of primary tube headers that your Cleveland will love! That should be true of either the Borgeson or Epas set ups…

Thanks again! I really appreciate it… my brain is just settling down from my engine and c4 rebuild and now I’m getting ready for my steering. So stock linkage kit do you have a suggestion of one gear box and drag link adapter… thanks again

One thing you want to do is bolt them up to the engine/trans with the trans crossmember bolted up and see how the fit. Having to “massage” them now is much easier. also check your bolt holes to the head for alignment. They don’t always fit nicely.

460, C-4 Mock up.JPG

Thanks for the advice I might have to install the engine first but I will definitely take that in to consideration…:+1:t2:

You could rebuild your stock box or upgrade to a quick ratio Shelby box 16:1 versus 19:1. Your choice. I would probably just pick between the two I found by price or you could check out any of the other sources out there on the web. I bought mine many years ago after a drop down adapter to frame issue forced me to…

I have zero steering components under my hood. I’ve watched 3 videos on installing the epas (2 of them on a 68 mustang) and they talk about you don’t need anymore hoses or valves/pumps, but all I see them do is the under dash install…I don’t see them remove anything under the hood… is it just coincidence they leave that out of the install video… I’m curious on what all I need I figured I would watch the Install and minus everything on my list they remove… they never show the under the hood part ….

That’s because there’s almost nothing to do under the hood except to hook up the input shaft. I’ll post some pictures later…

Ya I was under the assumption you remove or don’t need a Control valve/steering sleeve/hoses/lines and the pump anymore …or did all these cars have standard manual steering so they didn’t need to remove them… and if they had power steering they would have removed them in the video I assume correct… so the only parts I need is manual kit…center link, inner and outer tie rods, tie rod adjusting sleeves, a pitman arm, and an idler arm and bracket, gear box correct. And of course the Epas kit …

How is the drivability with the EPS system? I know it has a knob to dial in the amount of assist but how well does that work? How does it compare to stock assist? I feel like the stock stuff almost has too much assist but also is slow to respond to quick changes of direction if that makes sense. I have been seriously considering it as an option to ditch the stock stuff. I am on the fence from borgenson or EPS. The EPS Im unsure with the driveabilty and the borgenson creates other challenges with the Z-bar and header fitments. Having no pump or hoses under the hood would be a nice benefit!

How much current does the EPS require?

I believe the EPAS kit is a 60amp motor. Now I assume that’s full assist at low speed. Also says continuous amp draw is 9amps

You would obviously need charging system upgrades to support it.

Honestly this isn’t like adding an electric fan, so depending on the output of your alternator and current electrical demands determines the need for increased alternator output. I switched mine over to a single wire 150 amp and swapped the factory 60amp gauge for an rcc volt meter. Continuous power consumption of 9amps sounds right with an intermittent use of up to 60 amps standing still. The assist is variable for your preference but it isn’t adjustable by speed which would be optimal, but neither is the stock set up. I don’t think epas has a vss input option

Continuous power consumption of 9amps sounds right with an intermittent use of up to 60 amps standing still.

EPAS sounds very interesting to me. Sounds like it must run on a relay that is hot at least during run. Is it sensitive to voltage drop? 10AWG wire should be good. Does it include the relay? 60 amps is pretty good sized relay.

Comes with everything you need to wire it. Three wires. Hot in start run, hot at all time (battery), and ground.

I have the same cougar but with the 302. Same block and setup.
I just ordered Hedman 88300 Headers based on anther thread asking the same thing. Apparently they bolt up nicely but you may need a drop bracket.

I am in the middle of rebuilding my motor so haven’t installed them yet, but fingers crossed.

Let us know what you end up doing. Good luck!