Headlight actuator and doors

So I am getting ready to paint my '69 and figure I should get the headlight doors to work before I paint it (less paint chipping). I looked at my actuator and the diaphragm seems to work since both ports blow/suck air quite well. I was even more surprised to see that the accordion that the rod goes thru is intact. My issue is that the doors don’t go all the way down, almost seems like s spring is not pushing then down enough? Thanks

How badly warped are the rag joints? They started life as round…


Someone needs to develop and make a urethane replacement for the headlight door rag joints.

The springs don’t actually hold the headlight doors down, but do help balance and counter the vacuum draw from the pump so they close softly vs. abruptly.

Making a replacement urethane rag joint would be relatively easy. What durometer of material do you think would withstand the torque well? And, what color…a Dark Charcoal Gray or Black? The discs could be molded with the center and rivet holes in place. Is there a market for these?

Seems like my rag joints are ok. See the not so good picturse! It seems to me that the actuator is not “pulling” it down. Surprisingly my hoses seem in good shape and are hooked up. That being said when I turn on the lights the doors don’t open so maybe a vacuum hose not hooked up. I forgot how many vacuum hoses Ford used! Anybody have a homemade vacuum diagram?
Lights 2.jpg
Lights 1.jpg

The coil springs needs to wrap on around and hook to the metal H clip that’s on top of each headlight frame. The headlight doors will be in the open position without vacuum holding them closed. I will snap a photo of our Cat and just text it to you.

The actuator should push up on the lever to close the doors, pulling down to open them.
By default the springs will make the doors open when there is a vacuum system failure.

West Coast Classic Cougars is nice enough to provide vacuum diagrams: https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/hlvac69.html?sessionthemeid=26