help with 67 front marker turn signal light

I have a 67 with a problem in the front marker/turn signal light. I have swapped out bulbs two times, removed light, cleaned up housing, cleaned ground ring, put dielectric grease in socket and plug connection. Marker light works, rear turn signal works,but front turn sign doesn’t flash. Any tips or suggestions?

Sounds like a ground issue to me. Remove the rear adaptor from the valance and clean it good- I think the socket is grounded through the valance. I have seen a few places that have the fiberglass valances- are you using these?? If so you will need to run a seperate ground to the housing. Hope this helps.

Lord Leadfoot :egoshooter:

I just finished restoring my rear sequencer (analog) and am kind of where you are, a minor glitch in the front circuit. So I have been looking at the schematics a lot.

I will use wire numbers from the Early '67 schematic here.

You do not mention if the lights flash when the hazard switch is on, this will show if the bulb is working (one of mine is not). In hazard mode, the 514A signal from the TS Switch is disconnected, which turns off the Emergency Warning Relay and ties the L/R lamp together to flash. These are normally separated when the EWR is powered. It also opens the outer/inner rear lamps via the Emergency relay A, so only the center rear lamp flashes. (Hazard Mode)

Also, test the rear lamps when signalling (hazard off)to be sure all bulbs in the circuit illuminate. The rear circuit is not dependent on the front.

Do both Front sides light but not flash? If so, and all bulbs work, I would say the Turn Signal Relay.

The Turn Signal relay’s coil is inline with the voltage line which powers the 4 bulbs for each side. A certain current level causes the relay to energize, then release for the FRONT and hazard flashing. That Relay outputs the 694 signal (on/off/on) to the Turn Signal Indicator Relay for FRONT TS lamp flashing. This normally closed relay will output 12V (694 ON) until the current energizes the coil, breaking the 694 signal (off), the resulting current drop releases the relay and it cycles over again.

The Right or Left direction of the flashing is controlled by the 441 signal (left side activation from TS Switch). This signal comes out of the Sequential Relay in the trunk (based on the TS lever position)to control the Turn Signal INDICATOR Relay in the dash, to direct the 694 signal Left or Right. Without the 441 signal, the TS Indicator relay is normally connecting the right side lamps to the 694 supply.

I hope this gives some help in troubleshooting, this is the circuit as I understand it. The canned answer below from another site, does not really explain how the circuit works.

Dash indicator light doesn’t flash:

The indicator relay is calibrated to click and operate the dash light when all four bulbs (1 in front, and 3 in back) are working - check the bulbs first. A low battery, poor charging system, bad connections in the turn signal switch, or bad relay can cause this problem

Dash light stays on but doesn’t flash. Ran a temporary ground jumped, and it did not help. Checked the pass side turn signal harness connection, and it doesn’t have any power coming out of the center prong, which is for the turn signal bulb. Could it be the relay? Where do I find it under the dash?

First off, lets be sure we are talking about the same thing. If you are talking about the Dashboard Indicator Lamps (arrows), not the front Turn Signal lamps, or side markers which are not equipped on a '67.

The Front Signal Lamps (in the valance) are powered from the trunk by the sequential relay and motor, the dash lights run off a different circuit powered from the TS Relay.

If that is the case, your Turn Signal relay is not cycling with the lights. I just replaced mine for the same problem. ALL other lights should function normally, or the problem could be elsewhere.

It is mounted on a small plate with other relays, located behind the ashtray under the dash. 2-5/16" screws attach the plate to the vehicle, and 1/4" screws hold the relays.
The TS Relay has 3 pins in kind of a straight line (NOT in a triangle pattern, that is the Emergency Relay) with Orange Green/Orange Black/Brown wires.

WCCC has several for a '68, I got one of the only ones I saw for a '67, but there may be more.

I am working on a bypass jumper to eliminate this relay and use the Front Signal Lamp voltages for the indicator lamps, it is a simple reroute. It would create a crisp ON/OFF state and not the sequential dimming type of flash.

This video shows the Turn Signal relays. I made it to show the bypass jumper, which eliminates all 3: