The aprons look fairly new or at least painted up real nice before the motor was put in, the rails up front look good…but yes i was told someone did some patch work to the floor pans but could of did a better job…

Ive tried to attach pictures from my phone gallery but its telling me the pixels are to big

I can send via email at just let me know who you are. Thanks

Could the shotty floor pan/torque box work be the cause of this? Im assuming they keep the frame rails down in back and if there weak im assuming they would push up? I can take pics of the rails best i can tomorrow.

pics 5 and 6 say there are major issues, other then the the repairs that were done i would be checking the cowl and firewall, are the inner aprons attached to the firewall properly and is the floor attached properly to the toe board (where the floor meets the firewall) I hate to say it but the car is coming apart. I would be very careful when you jack it up to look under it for your safety

More pics please. It looks like you may have some damage, but until we see front frame rails & front core support, torque box(es), very difficult to say.

I have seen worse.

Location??? Year of Cat?

Ask somebody at a gas station to put it up on a lift. NOT the one that lifts at the frame points (too much body stress) but the kind you drive onto and support the car via the tires. I think when you get it up it will tell better what was done. Alternate is to call around to a body shop that does older cars and have them look at it since they will know better what to look for. Good Luck

Where are you located? There may be a member here that is close-ish to you, or possibly a local Cougar Club that could help you out.

Illinois fairly close to st louis mo

It would be best to get it on an alignment rack in order to get the correct tolerances set back in and to help stabilize the overall structure for the necessary repairs. That way you can be rest assured the car is true. Another suggestion, if it is possible along with a rack is to dismantle the car down to a shell. That way is is easier to set in temporary bracing, spot weld in new structural members and sheet steel without being encumbered or the worry of setting your car on fire. Attached is an image from the 1967 Ford factory service manual as to the correct measurements.

Have a look at the thread for my frame restoration project if you wish. You can see what might be in store once the carpet is up and the outer rockers are off.
Things ended well for me after an experienced welder spent weeks removing and replacing various metal.

Jacob, you need to post the town you live in and try to get someone from this site or who is knowledgeable with Cougars/ Mustangs to look at your car with you. There are structural issues/ rust problems that will require disassembly to determine extent of damage. From a couple of your pics the problems have been there for a while and were known to previous owner because of his comments on a shoddy repair. Probably fenders, hood and interior will need to come out that is why an experienced set of eyes can help as well as look at it safely. You might want to watch some “you tube” video of floor pan, torque box and cowl repair on a Cougar/Mustang to get an idea on what could be ahead.