Hertz Cougar XR7-G For Sale

Up for sale is a Hertz Xr7-G. I found the car a few years ago in Chattanooga when I was looking for a manual transmission car.

I have decided I am not the guy to restore this car, but I will use the proceeds from the sale to purchase what I really wanted in the first place.

It is a nice - very solid driver as it sits. To make the car really into what it deserves will take more patience than I have. I thought I was the guy and it turns out, I am not.

The good -

The car is very solid and has very minimal rust. One shock tower had a spot of rust where it is spot welded to the rear inner fender, and I have repaired that. I also did a pretty decent refresh to the engine bay while the motor was out for a refresh. It has a warm cam, but nothing that can’t be changed back to stock. It comes with a 3.25 Detroit TrueTrac differential, but also included is the original 2.75 open center section.

Almost all of the G parts are there. Royce Peterson viewed the car and told me the third horn is not original. The fog lights are right, the sunroof works, the wood shifter is there and in good condition.

The bad -

There really isn’t much bad about this car. I bought it from the guy that had it since 1982 and he says he never had paint work done. There has been a partial re-paint and some body work which makes me think “collision repair”, but it doesn’t look bad. There are 2 sets of carpet in the car and the front seats have been recovered with vinyl. The fog lights don’t work and I haven’t looked into the cause. There is also rust (not rusted through) under the vinyl top on either side of the rear window. This should be very easily addressed when the original vinyl top is replaced.

The fuel gauge doesn’t work work and the tilt-away column doesn’t work. It has an incorrect snorkel and no S tube.

What goes with the car - Extra sunroof cables, new black cougar floor mats from John’s Cougars, new trunk mat, original differential center section, gold steering wheel emblem (it came with a pewter one which I believe is also correct).

The car is a 50 year old car that has been maintained. It is not a restored car and it will need work to be a concourse car. I think it is a nice driver quality car.

I would like to get $35k for the car. Please look at the pictures. I think they speak for themselves. https://imgur.com/gallery/2IFNkLA

I will be taking underbody pictures later this week, but let me tell you, the car is solid underneath. That is part of the reason I bought it.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.


Looks like a pretty nice car.

I have decided I am not the guy to restore this car, but I will use the proceeds from the sale to purchase what I really wanted in the first place.

What do you really want in case someone can offer up a trade.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear. I would like a manual transmission car that is complete, finished and ready to go.

I’d consider trading you for mine, but my redone plain jane is not worth 40k :slight_smile: Nice car! I’d be keeping it if I were you.

I should really get more motivated to sell the car. If there is someone interested in it, I am negotiable. I really just need to break even on the car.

Reduced to $35k…

I am interest in your car, where is it located.
Thanks, Craig7077

Sorry, the car is in Dallas, TX. Royce Peterson looked at it last Fall.

Here are some supplementary pics of the car. I never got pictures of the underside.


Reduced to $30k…

Really would love to own a G…

Can one really have too many cougar? I think not…

Surprised this has not sold yet! Does not look like it would take too much to take to the next level, solid start for a restro or just a sweet driver!

It is a super solid car and a great start for a restoration.

Sold Pending Funds…


Congratulations Matt on your sale. Is the new owner local to Dallas or where is the car being shipped to?

Are you on the hunt for a four speed cat?


Thanks. He is in New York and has been in contact with Royce.

I am officially hunting…