Holley carb for a 428CJ

Besides owning Cougars I have a '69 Mercury Cyclone 428CJ car. I was looking for the correct Holley 735cfm carburetor for it and found one that I thought was correct but there is a problem. I was looking for a Holley with part number C9OF-9510-H and I found one but the problem with is that it doesn’t have the kickdown linkage for the automatic transmission. The owner of the carb is telling me that only the Holley for the Mustang of the same year with the part number C9AF-9510-N has the kick down lever. I thought all Holley carbs with an “H” at the end were used on automatics and the ones ending with the “M” were for manual transmissions, thus no lever. If the carb with the part number ending with an “H” is used on automatics and the 428CJ, how does the down shift work??? I hope someone out there knows!

No linkage on carb, linkage on the firewall with paddle. The “H” carb is correct.

Sorry, but I’m referring to the lever on the carb that is missing.


You could always buy the throttle lever from Carl’s - http://www.carlsfordparts.com/main.html, but I think you are right that the C9OF-H carb should have it. The reproduction carb sold by Carl’s has it. I’m curious why they used a different carb on the Torino as opposed to Mustang/Cougar CJ’s.

Here’s a pic of my C9AF-N carb for those who need pictures:

Jim is correct. The cyclone kick down is on the gas pedal like a 67-68 cougar so the correct -H carb doesn’t have a kick down arm like a 69 mustang/cougar -N carb.

Disregard my uninformed comment. As I look again on Carl’s site, I think he’s using the same picture for all varieties of the 735 cfm carbs, and what I thought I saw, upon closer inspection, isn’t the kickdown lever anyway.

Thanks for all the info. I would have included pics with my carb question, but I’m new to this and wasn’t sure how to include pics of the carb. I realize now that my car doesn’t have the original throttle linkage on the firewall. Somewhere along the way, it was converted to a cable throttle linkage. I guess I’m going to have to track down the original linkage if I’m going to use this C9OF-9510-H Holley carb. Thanks for all the input!