how much A/C oil

I’m getting ready to charge the A/C system on the '69.
The system is currently empty. How much oil should be added to the compressor? Completely stock system.
I can’t seem to find an answer.

The factory shop manual shows you haw to make a dipstick to check the A/C compressor oil level and a multitude of other things you may not need the answer to today but might in the future.

All vehicles & engines ( '69 Shop Manual ) : Tecumseh ( cast iron ) Compressor = 11 fl. oz. and York ( Aluminium ) Compressor = 10 fl. oz. The refrigerant ‘capacity’ is 1 3/4 pounds ( that’s actually a weight, but that’s how the Freon in those systems was measured ! ) I believe the recommended R-12 capacity /weight is on the tag that was attached to the compressor.

Also the oil is specific to which refrigerant is being used they are not compatible between refrigerants.

That’s what you use if there was never any oil in the system and all components are new.