I am looking into buying a new stereo kit for my 71 convertible

When it comes to stereos I don’t know what I’m doing, but I have found a site with some kits I like but don’t know what some of it means even with some research. So I would like yalls opinion on them. For my wants, I do want the USA-630 on this site.
If you can give me some insight to them that would be great.

I installed a Custom Autosound usa-630 in my 67 Cougar with a console. Note if you order this stereo, you must tell them it is for a console car as the shafts are longer than the standard in dash installation.

Installation was rather straight forward, however I did run an extra fuse tap for the stereo memory. When I first installed the system, I ran the speaker wires back to the rear deck, but I finally changed the setup to run the rear rca preouts to an amp mounted under the rear deck.

Pros of the 630 -

  1. Very clean sound with an amp driving my Kenwood Excelon 6x9 speakers
  2. I love the USB stick, (I don’t own nor will I ever own an Apple product). Ill have to check but when I ordered my 630, they included the iCAMKIT
  3. Easy to install.

Cons of the 630 -

  1. No dedicated RCA jack for a sub. (I bought mine 10 years ago so maybe this has changed but the description on the link you provided did not say how many RCA pre-outs)
  2. The face does not dim with the lights. Although I do not drive the Cat at night that often, the lights are quite bright. It’s odd especially since the stock radios had a separate wire for the radio lights that dim with the headlight dimmer.
  3. Only Treble and Bass control, no mid or equalizer bands.
  4. After owning this system for 10 years now, the volume control is wonky, when I try to turn the volume up, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t do squat.

Coach Jack