I hate these power steering systems

For you manual steering folks, how hard is it to live with day to day? I’m not sure I would have any qualms about it, but my wife will want to drive it from time to time and I’ve got to teenage kids that will eventually get to drive it (with me in the car for sure!).

But this thing is pissing me off. It has a new power steering control valve, all four hoses, the steering ram/cylinder, and pump. This SOB should not leak. But I looked under it this morning as I was getting in the truck and the damn thing is leaking somewhere. Again. Looking around online its apparently common for these systems to never quit leaking on the Mustang forums… I know going Borg would be the best way, but damnit , im not spending another 900-1000 on the steering system. The lines are stupid to get lined up, they are just flare fittings with nothing to seal them. There’s got to be some real way to make these things seal up. I havent gotten under it today to see where the leak is But im sure its one of the damn lines again. Suggestions?

Maybe your ram is leaking? Mine was a big leaker when I first got it, but I’ve since rebuilt the ram and replaced the hoses and it’s stayed dry since (fingers crossed). I’d suggest giving it a good cleaning so it’s easier to see where your drip(s) are coming from.

+1 on the hoses being a PITA to line up.

also, from looking around the WWW, obviously we arent the only ones plagued by the Bendix systems… some suggestions on some Bronco pages and Corvette pages are to use a cooper flare gasket to seal up any issues at the mating surfaces… obviously, get the right size but has anyone had any success with anything like this?

its all new. The ram is brand new. everything is clean… the other day when I was under there and found a drip, it was around the threads and seeping past the metal hose coming out of the fitting. I assume its the same again… and this is just sitting not running. I imagine if i start the car its going to come out under pressure.

Yes I really dislike these systems as well for more reasons then just leaks. Ironically mine does not leak for some unknown reason but I consider myself lucky in that regard. I believe the quality of replacement parts are really a big headache with repeat leaks and issues. You really gotta find the very best reproduction’s to avoid issues.

I am considering doing an EPAS system or the borgenson setup on mine so might look into those options if originality isnt your goal.

Been there too - fought leaks for years. Finally replaced the front pump casting (worn shaft bushing) and bought the top quality Blue Dot hoses. No more leaks and works great! Well, except just this week noticed the ram shaft seal is damp…

Some times the aluminum (and rare brass) inserts get so damaged from hoses & over tightening. They are also commonly missed on rebuilds. I have a simple solution, and I am working on a thread, but no time!sorry.
Replacements are available$ and best bet.
Hoses must be Blue Dot or you will most likely continue to have leaks.
The other hoses suffer from bad crimps, angle of fittings, length issues.
I have yet to have a cust. car or mine leak w/ Blue Dot hoses. Seals for ram is a simple kit at Rock auto, a valve kit (bit more challenging) is also avail.

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The ram was a new one I bought online. The hoses, too. All should have been fine but from what i’ve read is the seats may have imperfections on the new/rebuilt rams… the angle of the fittings on these NPD hoses are an issue im sure… they are a bitch to get lined up.

Flare gaskets don’t fit or work so no need to waste your money.

thanks for that info. I just want this thing to be something i can drive and not leak all over the place. with all new components, it shouldnt leak anything

I’m right there with you in hating the design of this system. If you end up wanting/needing to replace any of the factory parts you have, there’s a business in Murrayville, IL called Chockostang that specializes in these. Great people to deal with.

Now that I’ve put a few miles on the epas system, I’d never go back to manual steering or the hydraulic ram system. The borgeson would be my only other consideration especially if you’ve poured any money into the pump…