I love new toys.

Well, a few weeks ago I bought another Cougar. It is a bit of a project. But at this time it is a driver. It is a 1970 XR-7 convertible. 351C 4V automatic, Power windows, Air conditioning, Tilt wheel, console and disc brakes. A few other options as well. It has a 70 AM/FM radio but not from the factory. I was Light Ivy Yellow. But is now a much more pleasant shade of Blue. Black interior, originally a Black top and will be that again soon. It only had about 2/3s of a White top now.
The Marti report shows it to one 1 of 34 in that Color and trim. Other interesting things are, Ginger, my White 70 XR-7 hard top was built on Nov. 12, 1969. This one was built on Nov. 13, 1969. it is 1 of 441 with 351C 4v automatic, and sold at Beverly Hills Mercury.

I added the Black steel wheels, Trim rings and poverty hubcaps.

10262 by badcattt,

10265 by badcattt,

5 new cougar by badcattt,

7 new cougar by badcattt,

It had the front suspension rebuilt by the past owner, he restored the interments and added anew clock. It came with new carpet, seat foam cushions, better door panels and more. It has some problems, It had been hit in the P/S rear, has a lot of bondo on that quarter panel and tail light panel. I will be replacing them next winter. This winter I will get it running well and looking fairly nice for the summer. I have a new top to get put on, get the seats repaired and install all the interior. Of course I will have to remove that next winter. But, I want to have some fun with it first.
If I can figure out how, I’ll post the Marti here later.

Congrats with the new cat in the family. It looks like a great project. Regarding posting the Marti report, why don’t you just take a picture of it with your camera and post it the same way as the pictures of the car?

Very good looking clean car. I hope you got a good deal. New toys are great, early Christmas.

Good luck with your new Cat, looks like a solid platform to start restoring from. Enjoy :thumbup:

I was about to pm you about sale of the caps and trim rings, then I noticed You added them! Oh well, she looks sweet!!

Looks like a great project and good options as well.

Today I removed the cowl cover, if that’s what it is called. I like to clean out the cowl area when I get one of these cars. I was debating letting it go as someone has filled all the seams. They are all cracking any way, and needs to have the bondo removed. The area had plenty of debris to remove. I didn’t get before pictures. But have during the process pictures. The area is solid with only surface rust in some areas. But I did brake one of the bolts holding the wiper motor in place.
This is the “Top Hat” on the passenger’s side.

DSC_0345B by badcattt,
I found this in next to the top hat. I wonder how long it was in there?

DSC_0341B by badcattt,
This is the drivers side.

DSC_0342B by badcattt,
One thing I discovered, I think I need a new Master Cylinder. This car has Disc Brakes!! That master is for Drums!!
DSC_0346B by badcattt,
After washing, and a first sanding. I’ll need to remove the lower windshield trim before any more sanding.

DSC_0347B by badcattt,
I’ll be happy to get rid of that Blue upper Cowl area. That may be correct for 67, 68 and some 69s but n ever was for a 1970.
DSC_0348B by badcattt,
I hope to have this little project done this week. First coat will be “Rust Encapsulator” then a fresh coat of Black paint. I’ll be adding an export brace when I put it back together.

Cool car Neal - congrats & good luck w/it!

I have not gotten moch done on the M code drop top. I have been looking for a parts car to get a couple needed sheet metal parts for the M code drop top. Well a few days ago I was searching Craigslist and found a pile of part that had all the parts I needed. As well as another 70 XR-7 droptop.
Introducing 0F94H507149. Isn’t she a beauty?

This is what the Marti reports shows,
Serial Number 0F94H507149
Built at Dearborn
Cougar XR-7 Convertible
351-2V Engine
7149th Mercury vehicle scheduled for production at Dearborn
09/69 Built: September, 1969
76B Cougar XR-7 Convertible
T Red Paint, Ford #2008-A
6D Dark Red Leather Bucket Seats
6 3.00 Conventional Rear Axle
X FMX Merc-O-Matic Transmission
52 Los Angeles Ordering District

DSO ITEM #: 8151
DEALER#: 52B120

Your vehicle was ordered with the following features:
351-2V Windsor Motor
White Power Top w/Glass Backlite
Evaporative Emissions
FMX Merc-O-Matic Transmission
F70X14 Belted Tires
White Sidewall Tires
Power Front Disc Brakes
Power Steering
Tilt Steering Wheel
Air Conditioner - Whisperaire
AM/FM Stereo Radio
Tinted Glass-Complete
Rallye Wheel Covers

Yep, the seats and door panels are ginger insted of Red. I have the Red dash

Humm, that don’t look like a Winsor, The 351C 2V came from the same parts car the Ginger interor parts came from.

This pile of junk was the only reason I bought it. If you look closly you woll see a 70 Convertible quarter panel hiding there. It came with both R/H and L/H quarters.
My plans are to tune it up put it together, clean it up and put it up for sale. If you know any one who is looking for a ruff project have them contact me.
Lets make a deal…

I spent a good part of the day working on 0F94H507149. Earlier this week I get the hood hinges bolted on and the hood bolted to them. I need so adjust them so every things lines up. Today I worked in the interior. I got the lower dash put beck in place. Installed the glove box and put the dash pad in place. I cleaned the quarter trims and back seat and put them in.

Looks funny with the Red dash and Ginger door panels. But not as funny as a Black Mustang rear seat in the tri-colored interior.

As I don’t plan to restore the car and plan to sell it, I want it to be as complete and together for the next owner to start with. I am taking a ton of pictures. This Cougar can make some one a great little project. Build it the way you want.
I plan to get an exhaust on it in a couple weeks. Then I will get it tuned up and running well.
I will keep posting pictures as I go. If you might have an interest let me know. I can get you tons of pictures, It will need a complete restoration It will need a pasingers side floor. I think the drivers side is good. When I have time to get it up on stands I will inspect the underside closely and photograph it.

Wow, over 2 years sense I did any up dates on this Cougar here. I finished up the gas tank replacement in March so I could move it out of the way for getting my new 4 post lift installed.

Well not much happened until a few weeks ago when I ran across a set of 70 seats with TMI sport cushions and comfort weave upholstery for a geed deal. The set even came with a set of covers for a convertible back seat.
So I cleaned out the interior, installed the new carpet set,

Installed the door trims, I had to work on the doors some. The passengers door had huge gaps, I got them closer, not perfect. But nowt the door open and closes well. The drivers door was a pain to open when you pushed the button you also had to push down on the door. I had it perfect until I close it up with the trim.

It does not look that good, but so what. I will have some fun with it this summer any way.




I’ll need to get the rear seat cover installed, and maybe the new top put on.


I plan to do the new T-5 conversion in to my hard top(Ginger) over the holiday weekend. 3 days should work I think. I can’t wait to see how it drives. It will be fun having 2 cars to play with.

What do you mean it doesn’t look good! Sure there are some things it need, but all in all, looks great and has all the makings for a fantastic car. That said, it already is. :slight_smile:

The best thing is to go have fun with it.

I spent this evening cleaning the car up. Polishing the paint. I don’t know why. It is just plane bad. But it is much shiner then before. I have a list of little things to do, one was the L/H turn signal/Brake lights were not all working. I found the sockets are damaged letting the contacts spin in the sockets. I have them working now but will need to replace them. More soon.

This evening I changed the oil and went for a drive. I headed to the local gas station. It’s about 2 miles away. I only made it about a mile and a half and ran dry. 2 local gear head picked my up each way. Saved a little time. I had forgot to grab my phone before I headed out too. I put about 12 gallons in her and went on with the drive. She drives OK. Seams to be down on power some from other 351C 4Vs I have had. But maybe with a little tuning she may do better. I plan to take her out again tomorrow. Hope to put about 20 miles on her. Sun is forecast so it should be good.

This morning I found out why it ran out of gas. I went in to the shop and found a strong small of gas. I looked under the car thinking it would be from the sender unit. As I had recently replaced the tank. But I found a puddle toward the front at the torque box area. There is a section of rubber hose there and it had rotted away. I pushed the car out side and replaced it. Heading our for another drive soon.

I just got back from putting about 25 miles on her. Not a single hick up. The power is still not what I expect, but she will spin the right rear easily. I’m hoping to get a few more miles on her this weekend. But have a Birthday party this evening and a family gathering tomorrow farther from home then I’m ready to trust her with.
This is a great day for top down cruising too. Is’s 73, Sunny and clear. The kind of day they were made for…

I took Mary Ann out for a short drive this evening.

Mary Ann
She ran well again. She may not be the best looking Cougar, But she is sexy any way.

I took Mary Ann out again this evening. I put over 100 miles on her. This picture is at a cruse in in Lynnwood WA. At the local Taco Time.

On the way home I discovered a couple problems I’ll need to fix. When I turn on the head lights, the turn signals don’t work. Nd the dash lights don’t work. I also have to find out why the gas gauge doesn’t work. The tach has been dead sense the day I got the car. None are big things. But all need to be addressed. Also, the steering seams a little loose. It has new control arms and tie rods. It is ether the control valve or the box. It is not real bad,but noticeable over Ginger’s steering. I think I’m going to like top down driving…

I can’t believe it has been nearly 5 years since I posted anything about this Cougar. I still have her. I have not driven it in maybe 2 years as the transmission and power steering were leaking. I have been getting some work done to her. First being I got the original bucket seats repaired. The driver’s seat all the seat cushions were shot and falling apart, and the vinyl panels on the outboard side of the back and base had holes in them And the passenger’s seat base the foam was shot as well. I had the upholstery moved to better seats for the 3 sections that the foam was shot. He also replaced the vinyl panels that had holes in them. They look good.

I am also replacing the power steering control valve, power ram and rebuilding the pump. I got the control valve and power ram off this afternoon. Pump will come off later. I started to put things back together. But the control valve will not thread down as far as the old one was.
Here is the old one,

Here is the new one,

Note that it stopped hard at this point. The hole for the role pin is not in the slot like the old one not to mention originally only about 3 threads were showing. It will not turn any further. I took it back off, measured the depth inside it and looked in side both. put a little more oil on the threads and put it back on. No difference. Any thoughts?

I want to get all the leaks taken care of so I can enjoy this one as the Yellow CJ cougar gets put together. Then I plan to put it up for sale. It will still be a project. But a drivable one.