I'm literally living in the Garage..and love it!

The Little Lady talked me into getting our kitchen walls and cabinets and windows re-finished, so there are fume issues with the primer and oil-based paints that go along with a project like this.

Luckily, I have this loft that we built a few years ago out in the corner of my shop. It is like being a Bachelor again. Sweetie and the kids are staying at Parents and friends houses, so I have the place to myself while I tend to the Cat (and hope she doesn’t die from the fumes) and dog and Chickens…

So over the course of the last 3 days, I’ve managed to re-decorate some with a new Old “Mad Men” style desk and TV cabinet (Silverton Ford Brian talked me into going to the old High-School’s furniture/cabinet liquidation sale, what a blast!) and the little Condo/Office has really come together…complete with newly HD’d up TV and (finally) reliable internet access. I have to say, while it is raining here for the past 3 days straight and I haven’t much to do, I could REALLY get used to the Condo-Lifestyle! Especially when it is attached to a shop.

Over the last 3 days I’ve managed to change the Tranny fluid in two BMWs and do two oil changes. A couple of Cougars are next. Then I just run up the stairs and clean up, grab my 2.49 Safeway sandwiches and eat, pour some Rye, and relax. What a life. So simple. So little cleaning. No Dishes to wash, no bed to make…the Shower is 7 feet away from the Desk and the Bar and Kitchen are the same thing. One wall heater costs about .25 per day to heat the place. The 20 Gallon water heater is plenty when it only has one user. One Towel, one pair of jeans for work and one for the shop. One Plate, one glass, one fork and spoon and knife. One Remote and nobody cares what I’m watching. Dog on the Sheepskin down on the shop floor keeping me alerted when visitors come…

I could get used to this, but it might get boring fast. I think the wife is enjoying her little vacation away too, and I know for a fact that the kids are!

Some coffee would be nice in the morning, though. And I sure could go for a glass of Milk and some home-made cookies…And when is somebody going to take my dirty clothes out and wash them??

Two nights down, two more to go… :help:

Sounds like fun…for a while!!!

My wife calls the loft my “PMS Safe-House”

That and my place “when she finally kicks me out”…

Oh oh, Brian, you’re going to get blasted for using the word “tranny” … at least I did several days ago. Don’t know why but must be a sensitive word these days?? :bonghitter:

Did somebody say Tranny?

BAAAh! Jeebus, that is waay too big…

By the way, where’s Craigster, anyway? I miss that goofy sumbish…

Now I get it!! And then I said I had an “output shaft leak” on my tranny … must have done it!!

LMAO, wasn’t meaning to sound like I was “blasting” you the other day, Harry…I was afraid of the PICS that would follow!!!

Way to go, Aust!!! LOL.

its always nice to have a retreat/ doghouse/ mancave to go to when you need to.

Sounds like a good time, Brian.
I’m totally jealous of my cousin in law who got divorced and built a big pole barn type structure with about 3k feet of shop space and a little two bedroom up/down stairs condo on the front for he and his son.
That’s like a daydream for me. Except I’d have to keep it secret like a Bond villain’s lair. All my friends would constantly be over wanting work done or to get away from their wives. XD

Love it Brian!!! Now you do have tunes in the background when you are working… right?

So the kids were away at their friends’ houses last night and Sweetie is getting a little burned-out living with her Parents…

So we went to town and bought one of those new high-sitting “air beds” for the loft. Those things are amazing. Way better than a rollaway bed or a sofa-sleeper, and they fold up into a tidy little carrier sack.

Anyway, we had a nice dinner in town and then came home and grabbed the 3 Netflix discs full of “Mad Men, Season 2” from the mailbox. Watched a couple episodes and I got to sleep on the couch while Sweetie got to test out the new “nest” we made for her. I set the coffee-Maker (and of course screwed it up and had to turn it on this am) and we went to sleep on our respective locations…this is what Romance turns into in your late 40s, haha…sleep is the most valued treasure…

It was the first time we’ve shared a night in the loft. It was great. Can’t wait to do it over again tonight. It’ll be Friday Night/Saturday morning, we’ve got lots of episodes to burn through again, no early mornin–get-ready for work quietly-obligations, and the sky is the limit!

Mental note…get a Barry White CD, some chocolates and some candles…Bow Chicka wow wow…


LMAO…Put some beads in the doorway and you will be grooving like Greg Bradys attic bedroom… :ylsuper:

lava lamps?

.Bow Chicka wow wow…

Nominate for post of the week!

How about some strobe lights. :buck:

Second! :dogpile:

No way, he mispronounced it…it’s “Brown chicken, brown cow”…(code, for when the chitlins is around!)

Just :poke: at ya, Brian! Sometimes I think I live in my shop, as well…only partially unwillingly…LOL.

I third the nomination and call for th question

AND I call Mr T3’s discussion to be out of order; because he was only repeating the chorus to a Trace Atkins song, and his explanation is out of order because Mr Aust already stated that kiddies are not home yet!

Pbbbbbtttttt…don’t you have a scorpion to go catch, Dawg?? LMAO